Sunday, April 25, 2010

Au Natural: Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier

Catwalk Curl Rock Curl Amplifier - This amplifying cream will define and separate curls and waveswhile adding volume, texture and shine.

This product is a no-go!

The packaging is cute, sleek and bright to catch attention.

The dispenser is a great. It gives out a good amount of product(so you won’t find any extra coming out).

When I was done applying the product all over my hair I measured the amount that I used and the amount that I had left which was four more usage out of it. So, for my hair it would take five usage out of one container.

Texture is a gel and cream mix that comes off feeling a bit slimy and icky with a salon scent that seems to lingers for a while.

I noticed when mixed with another product it left my hair with a white clumpy residue.

There's the residue it leaves on it's own(above image).

I’m sure with fine texture hair this will work like a gem. So, I gave it to my sister. She doesn't have curly hair, but wavy fine hair.