Sunday, April 11, 2010

CHI - Keratin Mist

Instead of looking up this item review I purchased it instantly. I know pretty backwards (hey you can always give it to your sister if it doesn't work out). It was on sale and didn't want to lose out on something that could be holy grail material.

Anywho, off the back this product smells so nice! I can't explain it. It just has this light scent that’s not annoying or anything. It's non-sticky (like she shows in the video below lmao!!!!)

Okay watch this adorable preteen tell you why you should try the chi Kertain Mist. This video had me "lol", because I can imagine as a teen my attention span etc was just like hers lol.

click here:

CHI Keratin Mist:

- Leave-In Strengthening Treatment

- Proteins provides hair with strength, protection and softness

- Evens the porosity of the hair shaft

- Leaves hair silky and shiny with incredible manageability

Price: $12