Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 3 of Project 365

I love my body don’t get me wrong, but sometimes too much for the body is not always good for the body. Here’s my Day 3 of project 365. I was at the gym decided to snap a picture w/ my camera phone for the project.

My body tends to store body fat in the lower portion of the body:
- Butt
- Legs

Now if some of that body fat moves up north:
- Stomach
- Arms
- Breast
- Etc…

I wouldn’t be trying to work it off.

Now I’m not trying to lose myself, because I’m glad I do have a womanly figure (wish I had more boobs lol, but I’m not buying boobies to even out my lower's so out of the question) At 5’2 studies tells us we’re suppose to be in a certain bracket.

5' 2" small frame: 108-121 medium frame: 118-132 large frame: 128-143

I believe I’m small on top and medium at the bottom. I really just want to balance out the body. I love Nicole Richie’s look, because she’s around my height 5’1. I love her sense of style. She can wear anything without it looking provocative. I on the hand try to recreate half of her looks and it may look like I’m the mini version of amber rose which can come off a little “look at me”, but I always make sure I’m never that. I’m so low-key it’s not even funny.

My sister and everyone else says “don’t lose the weight just tone-up” if you want to do anything, so I decided I will go that route, but lose 8lbs in mean time and step up my cardio game as well include some more protein in my life.

(side view of problem area *lower portion of the body)

FYI: I don’t eat meat or seafood so pretty much its veggies (raw lately) and pasta/potatoes etc. Early last month I canceled out the pasta and fount myself losing wait like crazy (that’s why I always mention I need to keep the carbs in my least a little).

****lmao! at how my phone snapped my ankles looking so odd.