Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 7 of Project 365

*******I will continue my Project 365 later on this year.

I've been so off wax this week.

Actually made it to work by a minute!

Didn't get to exercise you know I wasn't in sync with world...

There wasn't any pepper to my step!

No motion to my movement...

No emotions to my words...

Tomorrow is just another day right?

I can say it’s actually been great, but somehow I just feel so “tired”…all I have to say is their better not be any funky twin-body-zipzapping-emotional-rollercoaster-exchange-feeling business going on lmao…anytime I’m feeling off balance my twin has some explaining to do!!!

***I actually called him a couple of hours ago and yuppers! He's the reason I'm off balance lol.