Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just for fun: My Monday Routine goes...

Monday’s are the worst for me I’m sure for anyone who has the weekend off lol.

Here’s how I usually start my day.

I stretch in bed before I do anything.

This pretty much opens my spirit and make me believe my day will start out open and refreshed from a lazy weekend.

I than start out with a quick exercise routine which usually last 20 minutes or less depending on how I feel, but I decided to start my Monday with 20 minute or higher this month.

Once I’m done I than get refreshed and than actually ready for my day of life.

Walk for 5 minutes…than head to work.

...I'm trying to start walking on my break, but this is where I add all the raw food in my life (veggies and fresh fruits) might just save for after work only. yeah it really Monday tomorrow?