Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sephora Shimmer Lip glosses

I went to sephora a month ago and purchased an item and received a birthday gift which was the Sephora lip glosses from their “shimmer” category.

Bronzed Beauty (red with gold shimmer)
Rosy Glow (golden pink)
Precious Pink (barely-there sheer pink shimmer)

The packing is simply like any tube of lip gloss.

Once you squirt you can’t revert.

1st: They go on with a hint of color and a touch of shimmer (some doesn’t include shimmer). I only have the shimmer lip glosses which are very much apriority for anyone of any age.

2nd: The formula to me seems perfect…non-sticky (No white residue around the lips *gross*--MAC lip glosses tend to do that sometimes.

3rd: I love the way the lip glosses has a non-chemical like scent. Smells fruity (you know how MAC plush glasses has a sugar cookie scent).

Will I repurchase? Yes! With out a doubt these are very much up to part with the big dawgs!, but you know how it sometimes when you go to sephora …yikes!

***for full size their $10Shop: sephora.com