Monday, April 5, 2010

Skin (Domo Attack): Charcoal Nose Strip

I bought a box of Nesura Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Pack Nose Strips a few months ago…

Can I just say “ouch!” first? I forgot the feeling of a good nose strip. I would not kid you if I could. I was misting away at the strip, because of its good grip (Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the nose strip to dry and harden) I swear it was stuck like glue!

Smell: Anywho, the smell of it kind of reminded me of cigarettes which I hate, because my nose instantly want to stop working (I swear if this nose had a mind of it’s own it would of off me long *I kid*) as soon as anything dealing with smoke or hotness (getting the Neti Pot to fix that). Well, the scent isn’t extremely strong, but it’s no volcanic ash (big differences).

Performance: I really can’t say it “worked wonders” on my nose, because my skin isn’t clogged there, but it did remove any signs of clogged pore which left my nose red and swollen for a minute.

Yay or nay: I say this out beat the biore nose stripe x10, but some how I rather the biore, because it’s much delicate on the skin I assume lol. My nose feels smooth as a baby bottom though.

*I heart my Domo put him in this post was totally inspired by Karen who always feature her little guy Tab.