Monday, April 26, 2010

Drugstore: St. Ives Cellulite Shield

New! Total Body Cellulite Control

Clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite in 2 weeks.

This exclusive, naturally activated formula has a dual tonight and moisturizing process.

MicroSmooth Complex
Green Tea - Known for attacking free radicals
Caffeine - Known to stimulate the skin's circulation, targeting "imprisoned fat"
Citrus Extracts - Known to rejuvenate and energize the skin
Menthol - Known to invigorate tired, sluggish skin as it cools
Glacial Water & Botanicals - Known to moisturize and hydrate the skin

Your skin will look tight and sculpted while feeling moisturized, toned and healthy. Finally, a total body cellulite solution!

This product was not tested on animals.
Container made with 20% recycled product.

Price: $6

**Yes like all woman or most woman with some curves here comes cellulite trying to make moves with your thighs ...yikes! I have a little bit coming so I'm giving this a test.