Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Au Natural: Protecting your ends.

Protective Hair Style: Is pretty much keeping your ends up so they won't brush on fabric (which cause breakage )to retain length or just low manipulation.

This doesn't make your hair grow, but helps with preventing "breakage" which leads to growth.

My favorite hair style which through the almost 3 years I've been natural discovered it actually a protective hair style is wearing my hair in a "bun".

Welp! its a bittersweet situation with hair style, because it can cause breakage around the perimeter if you place your hair in a "bun" too type.

If your like me and have thinner/finer hair around the perimeter of your head you should leave out the sides and create a side bang with one side and take out the other side before bunning and just pin it in to the bun (no stress what so ever).

ps. I also do this alot (leave bangs out and place everything also under a beanie... remember this wacky post?lol domo!!