Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drugstore find: My perfect lip highlight.

I remember buying the MAC Lipstick in "Bubble" just to use as a highlight color for my bow area and the bottom center lip area. I think I fount my replacement.

Anywho remember that lippie I bought a few weeks ago from the "Maybelline "Pearls Collection": click welp! Here it appears again!

How I use it?

After applying my nude or pink lipstick I take a lipbrush and grab some product and place it in the area I want to hightlight on my lips.

Highlighting your lips:
Have small mouth/small lips: Correct them by running a nude lip liner pencil outside the natural lip line, Fill in with lipstick. Highlight it with frosting/shimmer/sheen on the upper lip, it would give an impression of fullness.

If you have a full upper lip and a small bottom lip: Contour with foundation/concealer on the upper lip and outline inside its natural contour with a dark shade of lipstick. Next, outline the lower lip just outside its natural contour and to draw attention to it, fill in the center with the frosting/shimmer/sheen.