Friday, July 23, 2010

Drugstore Fav: Sally Hansen Collagen Lip Lift

Shade: Sandalwood
Price: $10 (or less)

Collagen Lip Lift: This advanced nourishing lip treatment with Shea Butter, Collagen and French Lavender super-moisturizes and plumps lips.

Lip volume and contour increase with continued use.

- The appearance of fine
- dry lines are diminished
- lips are smoother
- fuller
- incredibly soft and more youthful
- Noticeably smoother, fuller lips in 5 days

As a lipstick base, it locks on color. As used alone, it plumps lips and fills in lines.

I love this stuff! As most may noticed my top lip isn't as full as my bottom lip so I like apply this on the outer portion of my upper lips. If I do want to wear it all over I generally use a thin coat on my lips as a base, but kind of somewhat stayed away from it because I’m running out and you know me and the drugstore…not on the list, not in my basket lol, but I love this stuff and was silly enough to dig out all of what was left into a empty containers.