Friday, July 30, 2010

A July Fav: Powder Highlights

I think for the most part I’ve been using all the stuff I mentioned that I loved in my last monthly fav. video. I decided just to snap a picture of the one thing that I’ve been reaching for a lot. It’s my powder highlight.

It’s a great way to bring in the focus on an area of your face.

- Forehead
- Bridge of the nose
- Tear duct of the eye
- Philtrum / Bow area
- Cheekbones
- Brow bone

There’s so many place, because we all have different face shapes!

You can mix your powder highlighter in:

- moisturizer
- foundation
- lipgloss
- nail polish

Pretty much anything you put your heart to.

I apply this product by shaking it when it close, open it up and grab whatever is on the lid with my angle brush and apply it to both sides of my cheeks as a blush for a summer glow.

If I need it for a tiny area...I'll take a smaller brush and work it where ever I want to bring the focus.

The shades I tend to lean more towards are on the warmer sides (peachy, bronze, coral, a pink mix with any of those), since I do have a warm skintone. Anything too pale would look unnatural, but it can still work, I would just have to do a few ajdustments with the shade.

As you can see from the picture above highlight powder various from name brand which leads towards different price tags:

Bare mineral

*so you don’t have to break the bank to get your glow on ;)