Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Must Have Nail Polishes : Icy Iridescents

So, I was getting my daily dose of bellasugar and notice that the trend for this month nails are icy blues w/ an iridescent/shimmer finish. I decided to look at my stash to see if I was ready or not...

Color club - Sexy Siren
Maybelline - Pie in the sky
Klean Colors - Dazzle Me
Bon Bon - Blue Glitter
Klean Colors - Neon Aqua
Insta Dri - in-a-blink Blue
LA Colors Art Decor - Blue Glitter

I'm guessing the purpose of this month trend is pretty self explanatory, when you’re feeling hot look at your nails for cool thoughts lol.

* I normally add the glitter as a top coat or just to give the tips a kick.