Friday, July 9, 2010

Quick Thoughts: Flat Top Bronzer (Foundation) Brush

(This brush looks like such a downer, I know...this is how it actually
(use this brush for my Revlon Colorstay or Photoready foundation, MAC #187 for the BB Skin Foundation)

Ok so a few years back I purchased my very first bronzer brush, I know you’re thinking what the heck $40? Yuppers! I’ve learned from then (laughs) don’t do that again!

Anywho, after looking in my brush stash and realizing all my foundation brush wasn’t so clean I came across this flimsy bronzing brush that I remembered not liking so much... that so changed within seconds –Wow! That’s all I have to say.

With first application you notice this brush adding perfection to your face and it’s so visible to the eye that it’s actually canceling out any imperfection. It looked like I used some type of “airbrush machine” …and it was only a brush…oh yeah!

This brush is suppose to be designed to apply a seamless, sheer coverage over a large area for a natural look (think bronzer…you with me right?), but not only did it gave me a natural look it gave me the “WOW! Effect” when used with a liquid foundation.

The bristles (pony hair) are flimsy like I mentioned before, the hair is somewhat harsh, not really on the soft side(it doesn't give you the "like butter" feel), but not extremely hard either. I noticed the bristles are somewhat longer than your typical flat top brush, not sure if that has anything to do with it? But umm, I believe I will condition the brush to keep it ultra soft though (doing asap!).

I give it thumbs down on applying bronzer, because to me it’s pretty flimsy, but for foundation application it’s amazing!

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****FYI: Since than the Bobbi Brown Company has improved their Bronzing Brush (It's like a #182 on a stick) and it's made with goat hair.

Here are some other options incase your interested in a flat top foundation brush:

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(I forgot I have these mini flat top brushes...if you have them, try it)