Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tip (Nail Decor): Sculpey Style & Detail Tool

Sculpey Style & Detail Tool A sleek looking set of double-ended tools with metal ball ends for shaping clay and flexible tips for smoothing and blending clay. Tapered handles allow users to easily execute your design.

***With this tool you can make any drawing your heart imagined calculating the size of your design that is applied to each nail by the metal ball located at the end of the tool.

I discovered this tool from youtuber: love4nails and decideded to spread the word.

I on the other hand always used toothpicks. As a kid you always had to be out there and me my friends would doodle crazy swirls on our nails with toothpicks. So, thats an affordable route to go if you don't want to cough a few bucks!

You can control the work flow with any finish:

Quick Video using the tool: click to view