Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Au Natural: Hair Growth/Ramble

Someone asked me the other day how long is my hair. I gave the specs.

Front/Bangs – Reaches the end of my neck
Side of my hair – Reaches my armpit
Below the sides – Reaches under my breast
The back – Reach pass bra strap

Eventually I would get my hair cut when the front of my hair reaches my chin without stretching –I’m going to keep it that lengthen, which means I won’t be growing it any longer.

I have the type of hair that automatically has some form of curls. The structure is much on the smaller side which is called, “kinky”.

Check the size of my natural curl pattern (Clean *Shampoo* dried no product hair).

Just imagine the natural oil going down a straight strand. Now imagine that same oil trying to go down a curly strand…now make that curly strand extremely small.

(Clean *Shampoo* dried no product hair)

It can’t and this is why curly hair is dry which makes the hair frizzer than normal.

I spritz my hair with water or some type of concoction so my hair takes on its natural shape…it gets even curlier. So that’s a bonus. I lean towards products that can help with keeping my hair frizz-free, but I think if I grow it any longer than chin lengthen I will seriously have dreads ..lol I think I would be too lazy or too tired.

I really praise girls that has long kinky curly hair, because as our hair grow the curls get extremely tangled and drier.