Thursday, August 5, 2010

Au Natural: Hair Pudding

(How did I get my hair from this to this)

First thing I did was spritz my hair with Rusk Sensories Brilliance grapefruit & honey leave-in color protector conditioner.

Why use a color protector?

Because this item promised to: Instantly detangles, conditions and protects fragile, color-treated hair with grapefruit extract, vitamins E & A, pure honey, sea kelp and sunflower extract.

Grapefruit Extract - Natural antibiotic
Honey - naturally attracts and holds moisture.
Sea kelp - Helps with thinning hair.
Sunflower extract - looks brighter and more lusterous

(I made the perfect hair pudding)

Twist Like This - Herbal Putty
Aloe Vera Juice - Helps with thinning hair.
Olive Oil - Give shine and soften to the hair

***When spritzing my hair with the leave-in conditioner I didn’t have to use any comb or brush. I just place my fingers from root to tip and it detangled like a gem on it's on!

When applying the pudding same as the spritz I appled from root to tip and hair was ubber soft.

I than added a twist to the section to keep it from being tangled in the hair that hasn't been tamed.