Friday, August 6, 2010

Detox Diet Day 4

At night I usually drink water or just anything that’s available. Since starting my DD I decided to go towards more teas when I’m in bed and decide…hmm I’m thirsty. I tend to drink teas sometime during the day and that’s green tea at that. I use to go towards the mint medley tea (from the same company) and totally forgot about it so I pick up a box of peppermint over the weekend and we’ve been buddies every since lol. I use 2 cups of French vanilla creamer (that’s my little sugar…a taste of yum!) and I’m good to go.

Seriously, remember the congestion situation I mention the other day? Pretty much 60% of the congestion has cleared since drinking peppermint tea.

So if you have any congestion issues definitely add some peppermint tea to your daily life.

I was thinking about getting a humidifier and add some peppermint oil to mist around the house (especially at night to help with my congestion issues some more).

**When taken on a regular basis, peppermint tea helps to build and strengthen the immune system.