Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Detox Diet Day 2

(All-Bran BranBuds + Bananas + Milk)

Yesterday started off swell, I had the breakfast, the lunch etc. I so far didn’t like one of my “in between snacks”. I know I can’t believe those words was ever created…who doesn’t like snacks. Well, I guess this item wasn’t up to par.

We purchased these organic pumpkin seeds that had some type of light coating of something odd and spicy on it. WOW! It gave a light burn sensation to my stomach and upper chest…it kind of opened my chest up now that I’m thinking (I get the whole stuffy nose/chest…I guess I have a slight case of congestion problems).

Anywho, Today is another challenging day, but I’m ready! Already started my morning off with some cereal and fruits…bring on the “in between snacks” lol.

**Pumpkin seeds and walnuts were used by Native Americans to detoxify the body.