Thursday, August 26, 2010

Skin: Freeman Feel Beautiful Facial Detox Mask Choc/Strawberry 6 oz.

Perfect For T-Zone, Normal And Dry Skin Types
Diminishes The Appearance Of Large Pores
Made With Natural, Botanical Ingredients
Nourishes, Moisturizes And Tones Skin

I stumbled upon this item when I went for a late run to the supermarket. I seen this words “detoxifying” and I was sold.

I only use this item twice so far and after each wash my skin feels ubber-soft and refreshed and for $4 in monster-sized squeeze tube you can’t get any better since this item doesn’t test on animals and on the organic side.

I Spread a dime size to each section of the face (chin, forehead, cheeks) spreading it out evenly on damp skin (this way it works like mud and spread effortless). You’ll notice a cool feeling almost like icecream when you’re applying this item to your skin. You will even notice the yummy scent of this product—which does smells like chocolate icecream with a hint of strawberries so please don’t lick your fingers!!

In less than a minute you’ll notice your skin becoming stiffer—which is okay, because this item is acting like “clay” and gripping any thing that’s clogging your pores. I tend to keep the mask on my face for 3-5mins depending on what I’m doing (when it dries it doesn't dry too tight that would make your face feel your skin is deprived of air or anything). I than rinse with luke warm water and pat my skin dry.

*****For an extra chill feeling I store mines where I know the room temperature will be cool at all time so when its time to use I feel like I’m applying smooth icecream to my face.

I didn’t find anything wrong with this product. Nothing but thumbs up!

Price: $4.00