Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Skin: Aloe Facial Cleanser (...Aloe to The Rescue!)

Aloe Planet by the window growing up… I thought my household was nuts. I remember my grandmother taking me to the planet. Breaking off a leaf and adding the serum from it to my wounds. It’s amusing how the little things in life like an “Aloe planet” by the window will always stick to mind when I see anything claiming to have “Aloe” in it.

Aloe promotes clear healthy skin as well as soothes dry itching skin. Have eczema? Try introducing Aloe into your regimen some how. It works great at healing cuts—those with acne-prone skin think about *winks*. I actually have dry skin—so dry skin and summer weather is a def. skin dehydrator. With winter approaching I have a few changes to my regimen but it will include aloe somehow.

So, I discovered this cleanser during the summer and now just about all out. I would describe this as a clear liquid-y lightweight gel similar to a serum—sounds icky but it smells like grapefruit which is great to wake-up to ( so in ” aaah!” when it comes to citrus scents in the a.m.) leaving my skin squeaky clean, but soft to the touch. And guess what? It fights off the aging clock. At least it claims.

Anti-aging products at what age?


Dr. Robert Schwartz revowned Dermatologist has formulated an anti-aging collection of Aloe based skin care products, which help reduce the visible signs of aging while soothing and improving the appearance of your skin.

- Paraben Free
- Anti-aging
- Tones & Balances.
- Perfect for all skin types
- Gentle yet effective at cleansing away make-up
- Skin feeling clean and smooth afterwards

To use: Dispense a dime sized amount of cleanser onto water moistened fingertips, apply to face and gently massage, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Size: 8.5 fl. oz. – 250 ml
Price: $27.99 (find it cheaper at Amazon/Ebay)

For an affordable alternative: The Body Shop has one called, "Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser". I believe St. Ives does as well...not sure.

or you can create one yourself (D.I.Y): Click to Read

Will I try anything else from this line? hmmm... I love spritzing my face with a light mist of "healthy water" from time to time and I've been debating on whether or not I should get the "Aloe Mineral Anti-Aging Mist" which is also by R. Schwartz MD. ( price runs the same) or Just create a D.I.Y Formula, because I actually have the main ingredients.