Saturday, October 9, 2010

Project 365: sa-YOH-nah-rah! Sushi

We had to take "Sushi" (Molly Silver) back to the pet store.

He ended up "ending” the life of one of our other fishes (Nino—a black Lyre tail Molly #1). Traded "Sushi" in for "Bauhaus" a Dalmatian Lyre Tail Molly (101 Dalmatian it truly is)… should have taken him in sooner, but we was just hoping everything would be okay (seriously I had footage of the madness…that little guy was a terror)... [insert odd face here].

Our freshwater aquarium consists of: a Red Platy, Dalmatian Lyre Tail Molly, black Lyre tail Molly #2 and German Blue Ram Cichlid. Looking to add more in the future, but our next purchase will be an algae eater.