Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Skin: Contouring the face using...

Contouring the face is resculpting an area.
Use a product that is two shades darker. This will put the area in the shadows.

(Thanks to Scott Barnes Cosmetic Book for the photos)

You want to use a Powder or Creme Finish with no type of sheen/sparkle:

A Contouring Product Can Be:
BlushFoundationFace PowderEyeshadow

Just make sure it's reddish brown, grey brown, Peach brown, beige.

(Created the montage using google.com images.)

Matte Eyeshadow, Blush, Face Powder, Concealer
Cream Base, Concealer, Paint, Foundation
Liquid Concealer & Foundation

(Created the montage using google.com images.)

Depending on your face structure contouring can benefit you:

- Add dimensions to your cheekbones
- Bring your lip area out more
- Shorten the tip of your nose
- Slim the width of your nose
- Slim your face
- Hide a double chin
- Add depth to your eyes

What brushes to use?
*Using MAC Brushes just for an example:

(Created the montage using nordstroms.com images.)

#109: blend or contour powder products
#188: Ideal for creating soft layers or adding textures
#191: Distribution and blending of liquid, emulsion or cream products.
#195: precision application and blending of all concealer formulas.
#190: A foundation brush designed to create even finish, flawless look.
#224: Tapered blending brush.
#275: A medium angled Shading brush.
#227: Use for applying, blending or highlighting any powder-based products.
#168: Large contour angled brush

**You can search the Blog or my channel youtube.com/dominichulinda to see what I use.