Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tip: Halloween Inspired Look (Ballerina)

So, I watched the Kanye West Video lol..

1. Pull your hair up in a highbun
  • You can expand your bun size by placing a faux hair bun on top of natural hair.

  • You can twist a ribbon in your hair or add gems to the bun.

  • 2. Tutu
  • Depending on what color your working with decides the whole look.

    3. Wear a body suit
  • Girly looky - soft pink with small sleeves.

  • Sexy look- black sleeve-less with a deep v-neck.

  • 4. Wear Stocking/Legging
  • Hues make great opaque stocking.

  • American Apparel have amazing leggings.

  • Play up with texture and pattern that suits the style your going for

  • 1. Apply a primer all over the lid.
    2. Apply a duochrome eyeshadow of your choice all over the lid area.
  • Try Vex or Pincurl for that ultra girly duochrome finish.

  • 3. Line the upper portion of the eyes.
    4. Apply mascara for the length.
    5. Soft nude pink blush.
    6. Soft nude pink lips.
    7. For a splash of color go over your black upper liner with a glitter that matches your tutu.