Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Favorite Fruit Snacks w/ Fun Facts pt 1.

Cherries - Antioxidant Fruit (it sends "housekeeping messages to near by cells)
Frozen Black Seedless Grapes (or any grapes)- Did you know grapes are the leading fruit crop in the world?
Strawberries used to be a "luxury" item enjoyed only by royalty.
Kiwi (excellent source of vitamin C) & Plums: Did you know Kiwi was first know as "Chinese Gooseberry"? And when it was brought to America it than was given its name "Kiwi". A good plum shouldn't be hard, but semi-squishy. This means its ripe.
Dragon Fruit(high in fiber) & Pineapple (breaks down mucus if you have bronchitis, pneumonia...etc *this was my go-to fruit when I was sick in the beginning of the year w/ bronchitis)