Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Skincare Routine (works for all skin types)

**Everything mentioned is suitable for all skin types (I have normal to dry skin).**

***Some products mention may contain allergenic ingredients.**

****For the body...
I do the "dry brush" method
Use EOS Body Wash
Exfoliate with a DIY coffee scrub (weekly)
Apply store bought lotion/DIY body oil/or coconut oil 
I'll make a post on the DIYs I enjoy as I make them...*****

Makeup Remover Wipes - (currently using) Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes:

gently remove makeup, dirt, sweat without the need to rinse! It exfoliate & detoxifies.
*I  switch between wipes (as well as brands) & the oil cleansing method (grapeseed oil/jojoba oil or evoo)*

Beauty Mask - Freeman: Affordable and has your skin covered no matter the issue!
 *I switch between mask (I have a few more from the brand that I rotate between)*

Cleansing Brush - Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush:  Many moons ago, I almost caved in and purchased a mechanical cleansing brush...

A cleansing brush that enhance the benefits of any foaming cleansers.

Cleanser - BLISS Fabulous Foaming Face Wash: A two-in-one rinse-off cleanser and exfoliator for all skin types.

Removes makeup and dead skin cells, all-in-one step! 
*This cleanser doesn't foam up (not even with my Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush), but I love this cleanser no matter what.*

Toner BLISS Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner: I use this toner daily—preps the skin for serums & creams.

smooths, moisturizes, antioxidant protect against environmental toxins, alcohol-free, restore pH, hydrate and detoxify the skin. *I rotate between this, apple cider vinegar + water (equal parts) or witch hazel.*

Elixir - CAUDALIE Beauty ElixirPart-toner, part-serum mist of essential oils and plant active ingredients. 

Smooths the skin & tightens the pores
*I really need to make a DIY version of this amazing stuff!*

Serum - Rosehip Oil: I apply this at night to allow the serum to soak in my skin and repair

Fun-fact: "Rosehips were a remedy that was used by the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans all because of their healing properties..." 

Contains essential fatty acids (omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids), vitamin A & antioxidants. 
*I switch between brands (as long as it's 100% natural/organic rosehip)*
Spot Treatment - Alba Botanica Natural AcneDote Invisible Treatment Gel: I apply my acne treatment at night or during the day when I'm home alone [insert screaming face]. 

Helps treat and prevent acne. 
*I don't have acne, but I do tend to breakout once a month randomly.*
Day Moisturizer - (currently using) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion:


leaves the skin feeling hydrated and silky-soft, all day long.
*I switch between brands and oils*

Night Cream - Ole Henriksen  Express TheTruth Creme:
anti-aging cream that is great for all skin types.

improves skin's elasticity, slows aging, seals in moisture to the skin & promotes collagen production.

Eye cream -  Mineral Fusion Revitalizing Eye Treatment for All Skin Types: My dry under eye area loves it! I switch between this and a DIY.

slows aging, brightens, hydrates under-eye area.

Lip Scrub -  Sara Happ The Lip Scrub:

Exfoliate the lips to remove any flakey dead skin. 
*I switch between store brands and my DIYs*

Lip balm -  (currently using) Bliss Fabulips Softening Lip Balm: 

softens lips
*I switch between lip balms*

Essential Oils -  
I love boosting/enhancing my products with key essential oils: mascara, body/face cream and of course in all my DIYs. 

(Testing) - 
Konjac Cleansing Sponges:
contains the purest Konjac and mineral rich extracts. 

Deeply cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify skin for a radiant complexion.